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New digs at work

2004-10-13 , , , Comments

I’m on my second day in the new cubicle in Brooklyn. So far, so good. My cube is about a third
smaller and the floor is larger but it shaves twenty minutes off my commute. I go into the Manhattan office for meetings one day per week and the engineering teams generally work together via email so it doesn’t feel much different.


Monday morning mess

2004-09-27 , , , Comments

Quite the mess to follow-up on today. Two teams involved in a powerdown did not communicate,
or miscommunicated, procedures. That mistake inflicted an NY-wide outage on us. Not good.


Feedback preceded me home

2004-05-07 , , ,

I’m amazed that before I got to the office (I was sick yesterday) the feedback
began coming in.
Some of the attendees told their colleagues on the other side of the
globe and those folks asked for copies of the material and want to know
when I would present it to them.
On the other hand, we saw a couple of the people who attended, who are
experienced and should know better, go off half-cocked in email today.
I might have been informative, and even entertaining, but if it is not
translated into practice it was a waste of eight weeks development
time and a week of teaching.


Back to New York

2004-05-06 , , ,

Finished up yesterday and flew back to New York. I still have a head cold.
That made for a painful descent and I probably annoyed the other
passengers as I coughed and snorted. Despite that, the last few days of
the training seems to have gone well. I’ll see how the formal feedback
turns out. I am a little irritated that the IT Training people were unaware I
was giving the course until I asked about feedback forms. Someone
dropped the ball. I have some material to add and lab questions to revise, but
I don’t foresee big changes in it when I run the course again later this summer
for another team.


Classroom Instruction

2004-04-30 , , ,

I’m leading an off-site training these past two days and part of next week.
My teammates and I wrote the material and proofed it but you don’t know how
it’s going to go until you actually get up there in front of a real class. I’ve done
a handful of trainings for my employer and I’ve taught high school and college
So far, it’s going well. I’m working out the pacing a little, the topics are not of
equal length, and I’m one of the last of several providing technical instruction
on our respective topics so I am finding out what others did or did not cover
in their classes.

After the second day, one of the students walked out of the
building with me and while we chatted on the way to our cars,
remarked that this class was good,
that I was training them instead of just teaching the material. That is the
sort of off-hand comment that makes me feel like I’m doing a good job.


Work misc.

2003-12-17 , , ,

What’s been going on…

  • We had "Comp" day last week and received our bonus numbers. Firm had a good year and so did we. I compare it to finding a $50 bill on the ground… I don’t plan my life around it but it’s nice when it happens. Helps to validate the effort all year.
  • Much in the way of holday parties, drinks and dining with my coworkers. I skipped the firm office party- I know why they schedule them on mid-week nights and that I should go, but getting some sleep seemed like a better idea. Maybe next year. I enjoy more the little gatherings.
  • Got reamed for supposedly screwing up an internal-but-widely seen web-based project. Turns out it’s the corporate filtering proxy and some very subtle timing/rendering issues with Javascript on some browsers. The acknowlegement that my code was correct when not filtered was not nearly as loud as the earlier chastising. Suckage.
  • Digesting an internal course on our global namespace and change management from its implementer. Excellent.
  • Production change blackout starts this week. Good time to clean up and study some new APIs we’re releasing. I will eventually be teaching the use of these so it’s doubly important.


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