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Site move mostly okay

2006-06-25 , , ,

The [site
happened as planned. Most things are working. Some are not. URL-
rewriting is broken, meaning the archives, categories and pages are
inaccessible. I haven’t had time to look at it. Once the house move is
completed and I have net access from home I’ll fix it.


Site move soon, expect downtime

2006-06-11 , , ,

[Just like the last time](, I’m imposing on Bill and moving this vanity site to his colo’ed box until I work out the upcoming move. I expect I’ll inflict downtime on myself and will not reply to email quickly. With a bit of care (and luck) the move will go smoothly.


A little unplanned downtime

2006-02-18 , , ,

Experienced a few days of unplanned downtime. The system wedged but still responded to ping. I was busy and didn’t notice that I had not seen the daily summaries until my Dad mentioned it today. Self-hosting is getting tired after six years.


Welcome Reaa

2005-12-18 , , , Comment [1]

Created an author account for Maria. Now she can contribute articles to the blog.


All Noise, No signal, now with caching

2005-10-01 , , ,

Decided I didn’t like seeing high cpu loads, mostly when the bots come trolling through. Now I have caching.


New look for the blog

2005-07-16 , , ,

The default Kubrick theme is very clean but I wanted something a little less generic, so I took the very nicely done [Connection theme]( by Patricia Muller and modified it to suit. The result is what you see. Let me know in comments if anything is wonky.


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