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Burst Battery

2013-05-19 , , , Comment

The spare Macbook Pro battery burst overnight. It was sitting on my desk fully charged.

I’m glad it wasn’t in the laptop.


awakened from the storage graveyard

2008-01-28 , , ,

I have a knack for buying into removable storage that looks like it will be great but eventually ends up in the market dustbin- syquest drives, LS-120 floppy, Iomega Jaz, etc. I’ve had them all. I was digging in this collection of also-ran storage and found a Castlewood Orb drive and the Castlewood branded usb-scsi adapter. I’ve been interested in getting to one of the disks that has my 1999-2000 mboxes and other odds and ends. These are also backed up on DAT- another storage medium that should have failed- but my DAT drive is an internal, full-height model and I don’t have a PC lying around with a bay. What can I say, I sure can pick ‘em.

The usb-scsi adapter is a Shuttle Technologies eUSCSI chipset and recognized under OSX Leopard. All it took to get working was an active terminator on the drive and setting the SCSI Id to 0 (zero). That SCSI Id means no other device is going to work daisy-chained, but given the roughly 500Kb/s transfer speed I saw this is just good enough to pull my old files off and move them to another medium.

Here’s a dump from the Apple System Profiler:

   eUSCSI Bridge Ver 1.11:
     Capacity:	2.05 GB
      Removable Media:	Yes
      Detachable Drive:	Yes
      BSD Name:	disk2
      Version:	1.00
      Bus Power (mA):	100
      Speed:	Up to 12 Mb/sec
      Manufacturer:	Shuttle Technology Inc.
      Mac OS 9 Drivers:	No
      Partition Map Type:	MBR (Master Boot Record)
      Product ID:	0x0002
      Serial Number:	07
      S.M.A.R.T. status:	Not Supported
      Vendor ID:	0x04e6
      Capacity:	1.99 GB
      Available:	1.2 GB
      Writable:	Yes
      File System:	MS-DOS FAT16
      BSD Name:	disk2s5
      Mount Point:	/Volumes/MISC

It even shows up properly in the Disk Utility and can be repartitioned.


macports emacs quick fix

2008-01-23 , , ,

The macports version of emacs 22.1_1 (no x11, no carbon) is broken. I use it. Fortunately, Yamamoto Mitsuharu’s patch allows it to build and install on Leopard x86. The bug tracker has Ticket #13942 for 1.6 and Ticket #13471 for 1.5.2 that have not been acknowledged by the maintainer.

Seems to work so I’ve slapped together a patch file and a portfile to use it until the fixes get incorporated:


Leopard, DuelAdapter, Kyocera KPC650 and Verizon

2008-01-20 , , , Comments

Just works! I gambled and bought an open box DuelAdapter PCMCIA-ExpressCard bridge from Sewell Direct. No drivers to load on OSX Leopard, but make sure the switch on the underside of the card is in position ‘A’ (Mac mode) like it says in the manual. That’s it. The VzAccess Manager detects the card as normal. I tried a few other Type-II cards I had lying around and they behaved as expected, which is to say, they registered but not all of them did anything, that being a matter of having an appropriate driver.

The NationalAccess service is no slower, or faster, than it was with a PCMCIA slot equipped Mac running Tiger. At home I’ve seen a peak of 310KB/s down, 105KB/s up. On the train I usually see 30-50% lower (sometimes much lower) which is still fine for ssh and casual web-browsing.

My only gripe is that the DuelAdapter is big. Not including the size of the expresscard itself, the cable is 9” long and the PCMCIA carrier is nearly 6” long and 3” wide so it doesn’t fit on a standard tray table with the laptop. I’m thinking I might solve this with a piece of medium-duty velcro on the lid of the laptop which would also orient the card in a good position.


ion3 macports portfile hack

2008-01-19 , , , Comments

Ion3 is a minimal,
tiling, tabbing, keyboard-oriented window manager and extensible
using Lua. It was removed from
macports because its author changed the license to a variant of
the LGPL with additional clauses that boil down to: only the core
project may use variations on the name ‘Ion’, that anything using the name
must keep 28 days current and that anything else is a derived work and must be
renamed and not mention the original or the original name. That the author is
volatile and abusive might have a lot to do with it being dropped too.

On the other hand, it’s a great keyboard-driven window
manager. If you’re still reading along, as of release candidate
20080103 it can still be built and installed under macports
without much trouble. Try the following quick hack:

cd /opt/local/var/macports/sources/ sudo mv Portfile old.Portfile sudo wget -O Portfile

edit the file and replace the version and checksum lines with:

version 3rc-20080103 checksums sha1 f2ce01631b67a4d317b608d2173b368bf716a2ce

then build as normal, for example:

sudo port install ion3

Note that these changes will be wiped out if you sync up with the
repository so you may want to follow the instructions at the
Macports Guide: Local repositories
and create a local branch.


NFS and OSX How-to

2007-01-13 , , , Comments

Chris Behanna wrote [How to Share Directories over NFS with Mac OS X]( Nice work.


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