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Frozen Synapse Bundle

2011-09-28 , , , Comment

Another Humble Bundle collection of indie games is available. Frozen Synapse is outstanding. Worth buying just for it alone.

I need an addicting turn-based strategy game like I need a hole in my head.


Open access to technical papers

2011-03-12 , , , Comment

Moshe Vardi wrote an editoral about open access in the CACM in 2009. And others have followed up why it can’t, won’t or shouldn’t happen. I myself am skeptical that the organization can let go of the Digital Library cash cow; if even a quarter of the roughly 80,000 ACM members pay the additional $99US per year for access or take the professional membership I figure it would generate about $1.9M per year. Yet Usenix, an organization a magnitude smaller, manages to make its proceedings and papers available. This open access is good for the field.

Professor and cryptographer Matt Blaze weighs in at his blog with Copywrongs.


The Power of Savings (or the half-million dollar coffee habit)

2011-01-10 , , , Comment

An economist friend has a blog and while I don’t agree with his take on many topics he wrote an article on thrift and compound interest a couple of years ago that I bookmarked to pass on but forgot to post. It’s moderately long (for a blog post) but worth reading The Power of Savings