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Dev Tools & Tricks round-up 2014

2014-12-28 , ,

A quick list of my favorite development tools and tricks, in no particular order:

  • Emacs! Okay, I do use Eclipse sometimes but nearly all my editing is done in Emacs. I’m waiting (maybe alone…) for Guile-Emacs to get to a release sometime before the ubiquity of the flying car and Mr. Fusion so I don’t have to worry about completely buggering up my editor with a poorly thought out background task.
  • The D-Language. I don’t want to write (or read) C++ unless I’m forced but D fits my programming niche.
  • When there isn’t eldoc, there’s Dash. Very convenient pop-up API documentation.
  • Cint, an interpreter for pre-C99 ANSI C and ISO C++ 2003, and its successor Cling, based on LLVM. Invaluable for interactively exploring vendor libraries or testing bits of code.
  • OSX FUSE. The file system in user space (FUSE) driver. I use it with SSHFS to present remote and VM filesystems as local ones for development without the hassle of syncing or using Emac’s Tramp mode.
  • Pry A better Ruby REPL (run, eval, print loop) than the included IRB. I wish I had known about this years ago. Thanks to Shahriar for pointing me to this and Zack for showing me why it’s better.
  • ZMODEM. It’s like a 1987 flashback but ZMODEM is the most convenient way to copy files to and from a host where you have SSH access. I have mine triggered in Iterm2.



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