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Best running glasses yet!

2014-03-22 , ,

Quick plug: Pyramex Intruder and 3M Tekk Virtua safety glasses.

I run for recreation and fitness whenever I can, nothing extreme and, honestly, not often enough, and I wear eye protection because my eyes tear up profusely which distracts me. I bought a few of these safety glasses as disposable eye protection for around the forge because they were $3-$4 each from Amazon but they’re great for running. They fit very well, the optics are excellent, they don’t slip off my face from sweat, and I don’t worry about scratching them, stuffing them in a pocket, cleaning them on my shirt, washing them with whatever kitchen spray or detergent is on hand, or losing them. If I drop a set and they get scratched I’ll pitch them and take out another set, except I’m still using the same two pairs I started with sixteen months ago! They take so much abuse that after all that time they have only minor wear and tear on the lenses, not enough for me to notice during activity.



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