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Comments on Android on HP Touchpad

2012-07-14 , ,

It’s been months since I modded my HP Touchpad with Cyanogenmod. I’m not going to get into how to do it because there are fairly adequate guides. I’m now running a mid-June official CM9 nightly build. The touchpad is a nice Android tablet (read that “games”) and a great e-reader (kindle & nook apps) after setting the DPI to the native 132 with DPI Changer. The wireless behaves itself, battery life is acceptable, and other than the camera and app store it mostly works. The camera is only supported by a binary blob in an old kernel unless HP makes a code drop, so may never work. The Google app store, a.k.a. Google Play, is annoying in that it checks the DPI and make and model of the unit when it is first run but never again after that and disables updates on many existing apps. Setting a few values (youtube example on CM7) in the build.prop then clearing the app cache in system settings, clearing the /cache partition, and rebooting with the default DPI fixes it. I used


which gives better results than the usual recommendation of faking a SGH-T989. After updates, I switch the DPI back to 132.



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