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Handbrake settings for Roku 2-XS

2012-06-17 , ,

Fiddled with encoding my son’s videos for the Roku 2-XS using handbrake this weekend. Original source are dvd rips, mostly of animation. These settings seem to work well for USB local media playback:

Video settings-
 Format: mkv
 Video Codec: H.264 (x264)
 Framerate: 23.976 (NTSC Film)
 Constant Quality: Enabled
 RF: 20

Audio settings-
 Codec: AAC (faac)
 Mixdown: Stereo
 Samplerate: Auto
 Bitrate: 160
 Gain: 0

  Reference Frames: 4
  Maximum B-Frames: 4
  CABAC Entropy Coding: Enabled
  8x8 Transform: Enabled
  Pyramidal B-Frames: Default
  Adaptive B-Frames: Optimal
  Adaptive Direct Mode: Automatic
  Motion Estimation: Default
  Subpixel ME & Mode Decision: 6: RD in I/P-frames
  Partition Types: Default
  Trellis: Encode only

Picture Settings-
 Anamorphic: None
 Cropping: Automatic
 Keep Aspect Ratio: Enabled
 Width: 1280

See the Roku SDK Encoding Guide for all the gory details. Given that as a household we’re used to standard definition from TiVo Series2-encoded digital cable and Netflix streaming on the Wii, the resulting encodes look really good.



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