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Beginning Blacksmithing

2012-02-27 , ,

In my copious free time, I like to work with metal so I started setting up a hobby smithy to do some ironwork. I’ve read that about the only thing you can’t make is the anvil and that hammering on a shop vise will quickly ruin it. Last week, I scored a nice 138# Peter Wright anvil and a 5”-jaw leg vise from a local seller on Craigslist. I doused the anvil with Liquid Wrench, let it sit overnight and brushed off the rust:

Sunday afternoon I cobbled together a stand based on Jack Dempsey’s box idea. It’s a frame of 4“x4” posts, 2“x12” lumber on the top and ends, two scrap 19/32” T1-11 panels for the faces, and all held together with 3 1/2” structural screws. It’s sturdy enough:

Next I need to come up with a forge, mount the leg vise, and clear some space. Then I need to practice.



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