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Rainbow cookies

2010-12-20 , ,

Every year we make cookies for the holidays. Hundreds of cookies. New York Magazine ran a recipe for Rainbow Cookies. These are Maria’s favorite and she decided to make them.

Reread that recipe and notice that it’s almost five quarts in volume before you whip the egg whites. Our electric mixer’s bowl is five quarts but holds a bit less (unless your plan is to cover the counter with the top inch or so of the contents of the bowl during mixing). We mixed it in batches, combined the batches by hand for an even product and separated them into thirds for coloring and baking.

It’s a bit of playing around but the result is worth it. The cookies are delicious, just like bakery cookies (maybe better… we used good chocolate from our last trip to Fairway, sometimes the bakery chocolate is waxy).

rainbow cookies

and more cookies



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