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2010-12-12 , ,

I haven’t picked up a soldering iron in twenty years but I assembled a handy electronic stocking stuffer for Maria, a Minty Boost battery-powered USB charger kit. I stuffed it into one of the larger Altoids tins so there was room for stashing a USB cable:


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2010-12-14 13:00 , John


PLEASE update your readers after the first time the TSA gets a look at this :)


2010-12-14 14:30 , Ross

I’ve read that the result is mixed. If it’s potted in an unobtrusive case (like the altoids tin), it goes unnoticed. If it looks unusual, expect to have it dropped in the trash.

2011-01-23 11:01 , Ross

After several flights, I (well, Maria) can confirm that it doesn’t get a second glance from the TSA.

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