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weblocks, finally!

2010-04-19 , ,

I have a little web app in mind so I decided to experiment with Weblocks, a continuations-based web framework in Common Lisp, which has been on my list of cool things to check out. I’m on OSX and it’s been a true experience in yak shaving...

  1. The easiest method is to install it via clbuild. Except there’s no tarball.
  2. The clbuild repo is in darcs. Ok, I’ll build it from macports. Except, the dependencies are broken.
  3. Mix and match versions, local port repo, a couple of patches. Nada. Drop back to older release. At least I didn’t have to fight with ghc. Ok, off and running again.
  4. Nope, need mercurial. Ok, build that.
  5. Oops, rebuild SBCL to include threading. Really ready now!
  6. No luck- problems with cl-json and symbols have changed names in parenscript. Great, fix that to find…
  7. What? Some deps don’t build properly within clbuild. Ok, build them one at a time.
  8. Problems with hunchentoot, so pull the latest and build.
  9. Wrong, need a newer version of chunga, build that too.
  10. Try newer versions of various deps.
  11. Try older versions of various deps.
  12. Rebuild several deps by hand, skipping clbuild entirely.

Lather, rinse, repeat a few times starting at step #7. Sleep. Work. Hack. Curse. Hack. Drink. Sleep. Work. Hack. Curse.

Finally, for no obvious reason it’s working!

weblocks demo

I’ll follow up with the (current, as of today) magic combination of versions and build steps but I first need to balance the cursing with drinking.



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