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Halifax, day 7

2009-04-26 , ,

Sunday. I felt lazy today. Woke up late (for me, 8:30 a.m.), ate, studied for forty minutes, updated the blog, talked with Maria and Nate then headed out. Hit the Keith Brewery for one of their IPA logo baseball caps for a gift (Hi, Conor) then continued down Lower Water Street and turned sort of West (South Street?) then Northward toward the inland side of the Citadel, the public garden (closed), the hospital and the Museum of Natural History. The museum is geared toward kids and I was one of only a handful of adults not leading or being led by children. I spent an hour and a half there taking in the exhibits. It’s maybe one eighth the size of the NYS Museum but they have a mastodon skeleton, too, and exhibits on the Mi’kmaq people and on the locally discovered prehistoric human evidence (numerous flint tools). Made my way back along Spring Garden road and stopped at the Second Cup near Dalhousie for some good coffee and to watch the goings on then returned to the hotel to collect my laptop and find a place outdoors to work. The Economy Shoe Shop bar and grill on Argyle with its funky exterior and warren-like interior fit the bill: patio, wireless internet and a dozen beers on tap. Too bad the food is mediocre even for bar snacks. I’ve read the service is slow when it’s busy, but there were only a dozen patrons including the bartender’s friends and the staff seemed friendly and pretty efficient. Still, it was a pleasant enough place to spend two hours typing.


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