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More thoughts on Matias Tactile Pro

2009-02-03 , ,

I wrote before on my Matias Tactile Pro keyboard. I’ve been working daily with the keyboard for two years and I’ve had some issues:

  • “ghost” keypresses. I am not a fast typist, 35-40 wpm, but I pound out some sequences very quickly. From day one, certain key presses result in either the wrong character or an “extra” character. Not every time, just often enough that it interferes with me once or twice a day. Extremely frustrating, especially for passwords.
  • sticking keys. This began to annoy me about six months after I bought the keyboard. The function keys at the top row would occasionally stick. Lately, this happens with the top row of numbers. Vacuuming made no difference and I’m reluctant to disassemble the keyboard until I have a permanent replacement.
  • symbols rubbing off. This is really minor, I don’t usually look at the keyboard but I am irritated that the symbols have partially rubbed off several common keys.

It’s otherwise a wonderful clicky keyboard. I’m thinking I might go back to my Griffin iMate (adb to usb adapter) and my Apple Extended Keyboard II. I’m open to suggestions for a replacement.


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2009-02-20 12:11 , Ross

I bought a replacement from PC Keyboard (Unicomp). One of their 104-key Customizer models with USB. It\'s exactly the buckling-spring key mechanism I love and the company couldn\'t be more pleasant to deal with. They even have people who know their product answering the phone.

It\'s not built to survive being run over by a truck like my circa 1992 and 1989 IBM Model-M PS/2 keyboards, but it\'s far better than the Matias. If they offered an option of \"media keys\" (volume, eject, etc) located where the numlock/capslock lights reside, it would be a perfect replacement for Mac users.

I\'d also like a set of ten function keys in two columns to the left of the Esc/Tab/Caps/Shift/Ctrl column like on the IBM 122-key 5250 terminal-style keyboard. They do sell such a beast, but right now it\'s only in PS/2 interface for the PC-keymap.

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