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A non-sequitur worthy of Zippy

2008-09-09 , ,

Jeepers, I’m being harassed by phone calls from a senile Italian woman

It sounds like something from Zippy the Pinhead, but I actually typed this today to a colleague. Someone, a very old woman who speaks a little bit of halting English and what might be Italian, calls my home office number several times a day, every weekday, starting each morning around 7:30am. This usually stops before noon. Sometimes she calls in the early evening. She’ll call back three or four times in a row. The strange calls have been going on for two weeks. She hangs up with “‘scuzi, sorry” (or “‘scuz me, sorry”) when I answer. Sometimes she asks for someone, possibly a woman’s name, before apologizing and hanging up. She sometimes leaves silent messages on my voicemail. Caller ID comes up with a name and number, the phone book has that name and number with an address and it all matches the assessment roll the city publishes. Weird and annoying.


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2008-09-10 08:51 , Ross

Today after the third call, I finally got the mystery caller to answer me before hanging up. She\'s trying to reach someone named \"Philomina\". Definitely speaking Italian, hung up with \"Ciao\". I hope she finds the right number soon.

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