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ion3 macports portfile hack

2008-01-19 , ,

Ion3 is a minimal,
tiling, tabbing, keyboard-oriented window manager and extensible
using Lua. It was removed from
macports because its author changed the license to a variant of
the LGPL with additional clauses that boil down to: only the core
project may use variations on the name ‘Ion’, that anything using the name
must keep 28 days current and that anything else is a derived work and must be
renamed and not mention the original or the original name. That the author is
volatile and abusive might have a lot to do with it being dropped too.

On the other hand, it’s a great keyboard-driven window
manager. If you’re still reading along, as of release candidate
20080103 it can still be built and installed under macports
without much trouble. Try the following quick hack:

cd /opt/local/var/macports/sources/ sudo mv Portfile old.Portfile sudo wget -O Portfile

edit the file and replace the version and checksum lines with:

version 3rc-20080103 checksums sha1 f2ce01631b67a4d317b608d2173b368bf716a2ce

then build as normal, for example:

sudo port install ion3

Note that these changes will be wiped out if you sync up with the
repository so you may want to follow the instructions at the
Macports Guide: Local repositories
and create a local branch.



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