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Long time, no call...

2008-01-04 , ,

If you’re reading and ever wonder why I haven’t called, I’m working on that this year. Not exactly a resolution but something I need be thoughtful of.

I’m terrible at keeping in touch with distant friends to the point that if I even still have a working phone number, I feel guilty calling because it’s been so long. I’m better with email but as Maria quipped those are like “Harvey”, my imaginary friends, conversations no one can hear with people no one has seen. New Year’s being the opportunity to start things fresh, I started by emailing my friend Bill. We probably last spoke two years ago, emailed once or twice, hadn’t seen each other in at least ten years, but I got his new number and called. It was good to hear him, less awkward than I thought it would be, maybe because he’s doing well and sounds so happy. Given how busy we both are we probably won’t meet except by chance, but [Bill has a gallery of his artwork on-line]( and with the call I feel a bit like I’ve caught up.

Which is encouraging. So don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard from me in a while and then get a call out of the blue (or an email, if I don’t have a number). I’m working on that this year.



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