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Happy New Year

2008-01-01 , ,

Happy New Year!

It’s a bit different already. For one, it started three hours fifty minutes after some student renters down the block woke us by ringing in the day with hollering in the street and shooting off bottle-rockets when Nate woke up, jiggled open his door and came upstairs to tell us he was awake by climbing into our bed. Maria finally got him to settle down at five and then he woke at seven to really start the day. I let her sleep and took a nap when he did. For another, I had been up for almost six hours, vacuumed the rugs, dragged the xmas tree to the curb, shovelled the walks, tried to build a snowman with Nate and was watching him play in the snow when a couple of twenty-something guys walked by looking very lost and I overhead one of them say to the other, “Yeaaah! And that’s when you came out in your underwear!” It’s different.



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