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Happy Cupcake

2007-07-05 , ,

Nathan will be two years old this weekend and he’s talking quite a bit and evidently putting together some kind of model of the world around him. We are daily witnesses to his organizing and reorganizing things into categories. He knows and uses the words “cake”, “cookie”, “ice cream” and “pop”- for the frozen juice “ice pops” we make in the summer- to refer to the appropriate objects. Beware to the adult who uses any of these words in his presence, he knows what you said and expects you to produce a treat. It seems that his category for all sweets, except ice pops, oddly, is “cupcake” and he tacks on a description of his internal state so he will hear the ice cream trunk and say, “Cupcake! Happy cupcake!” and point outside (he’s had ice cream from a truck once, behold the power of partial positive reinforcement) or get a cookie and remark, “Mmmm. Happy cupcake!”



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