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New twist on shut up and drive

2007-07-03 , ,

Sunday afternoon on our way to a friend’s place we encountered on I-90 a driver in a new, black Infinity sedan alternatively tail-gaiting the vehicle ahead, aggressively cutting into and out of the left lane and then slowing down and drifting around whatever lane he happened to be in. During one of these slow-downs, I passed to put some distance between us. The driver, a young man in a crisp white shirt, was wearing a wireless headset, actively talking on a unseen phone and both hands were occupied with writing into a small green wire-bound notepad balanced in the center of the steering wheel. I was stunned. Please idiot, when your driver ed teacher suggested you keep one hand on the steering wheel they meant stay in control of the vehicle, not lean on the wheel like a first-grader at a desk learning to write their ABCs. Now shut up and drive.



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