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Big bed

2007-04-30 , ,

Nate has out-grown his crib. When I put him to bed last night, he swung himself out and refused to stay in the “little bed”. Two or three times we’ve found him out of his crib but he didn’t do it often and would thump out of there hard and cry. Now he can do it reliably. He’s tall for his age and physically adept. Like a firefighter exiting a window he grabs a corner, pulls himself onto the rail, swings one leg over, rolls off, then hangs down and drops to his feet facing the crib. He does it faster than I can put him back in. I was something of an escape artist when I was a toddler so I’m not entirely surprised.

So last night was his first night in the “big bed”. There was screaming and crying. He pointed to the little bed and then to the big bed. I tucked him in and he climbed out. After a few tries in each, I put on the mean daddy face and with the mean daddy voice told him to pick. No crying. Go. To. Sleep. He chose the big bed and stayed in all night. He even slept late and this morning I dismantled the crib.

We’re not looking forward to naps. Nate hates naps, he acts as if he might miss something if he sleeps. The kid will fall over before going off for a nap if we don’t force him into bed. Now that he’s in the big it might be worse. I might have to put a latch on his door to keep him in.



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