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Snow and Valentine's day

2007-02-13 , ,

Looks like we’re going to get a good snow storm. The kind I remember as a child where we kids could make tunnels and plows piled snow high enough that we could hollow them out to make forts. As an adult I’m caught up in the sound of it. I like to get out in the first few hours when the city noise follows everyone indoors and it’s quiet except for the crunching of snow underfoot, the click of the four-way and the buzz of the street lamps. I’m all set with the shovels and snow thrower.

Except I’m not going to be there. Work has me in NYC tomorrow to instruct a training. I’m unsure if Amtrak will run let alone on time, so I’ve headed south in advance of the storm to try my luck with Metronorth. Won’t make for much of a Valentine’s day and I’ll miss my son’s first big snow.



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