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Happy New Year, 2007

2007-01-01 , ,

Happy new year. It’s a bit different celebrating a new year as the parent to a toddler. For one thing, I know that he’ll be up bright and early. If I’m not ready, tough. For another, by the time we had kids I had tried on more than a few hangovers and at some point realized they didn’t fit. Not to mention that I have a long list of projects around the house and it’s a rare day off. All a bit of a damper but I don’t mind passing on the hard-drinking of “amateur night”.

So we wrote holiday cards (yeah, they’re late), popped a bottle of bubbly wine, toasted and turned in by 11pm. When I woke it was gray and rainy and Nate had slept late, to almost 8 a.m. A couple of extra hours of sleep is a thoughtful new year’s gift these days. I spent the better part of the day putting up organizers in the spare room in the attic we use as a walk-in closet.

Oh, the exciting life I lead.



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