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Congratulations Paul and Tomoe!

2006-11-11 , ,

Paul hasn’t blogged it yet but I want to let everyone know, today Eamon Edward was born at 4:48PM JST, 9lbs 5oz. and 20.5” long. Mom and baby are doing well.

We’re so happy for you!

Enjoy every single day. Trust me, and everyone else who has kids, when we say your life will never be the same. It’ll be good, but from here on out it will be different.


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2006-12-18 06:14 , paul

I never thanked you for this. Mostly because I was too lazy to register to comment. But, thank you for this.

There\'s just too much to say about this to post on my own blog, probably most of it interesting to no one but me.

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