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Summer reading 2006

2006-08-05 , ,

I’ve been busy with everything else in my life, so I haven’t done much reading. Things have quieted down enough and I’ve picked up:

  • [Perl Hacks]( Cool little book, full of ideas and tricks you might have known and many more you didn’t. Reminded me of looking over the shoulder of a clever programmer and going, “Aha.” I owe [dha]( a couple of good beers to make up for the review blurb I promised to write but didn’t when I was caught up in closing on a house and moving.
  • [Extending and Embedding Perl]( I’m working through it now and so far I can say: a) this book was necessary,
    b) thank you Tim and Simon, and c) XS is never going to be easy but at least it needn’t be a mystery.



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