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Coxsackie virus

2006-08-03 , ,

[Mildly nasty little enterovirus](
Toddlers drool, drop food and toys on the ground and pick them up, put
any odd thing in their mouths and generally have no idea of
hygiene. Perfect vector, these kiddies. Poor kid had textbook
symptoms: fever, irritability, malaise, loss of appetite, red sore
patches in the mouth, a day of diarrhea and when the fever broke he
developed red spots on his arms and legs. He bounced back today and
the spots should disappear in a few days.

You may recall that the last time [Nathan was sick]( he
passed it on to me. I must be lucky, he got me again. I understand why
he was cranky, it’s pretty miserable, like having a mild flu but with
a sore throat. Maria, fortunately, has not come down with it.



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