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Back from the Rally

2006-07-23 , ,

I left the [rally]( on Saturday at Maria’s request and I’ll post about the rally itself later. I packed out and was on the road a bit after noon. I rode Route 7 to 22A, caught VT-17W to cross into NY at Crown Point, 9N to Ticonderoga and then crossed Route 74 to hit the I87 slab for home. I was in bad weather before I got out of Vermont. By the time I got around the hippies in camper vans and the odd farm equipment to 22A, I knew it was going to suck. Not the worst riding weather I’ve seen but heavy rain, ponding water, gusting winds and poor visibility. The weather resistance of the ‘stich completely failed- water behind the zippers, water puddling in my crotch, water ponding behind my knees and under my butt. Now I understand why someone shells out nearly $90 for a [Frogg Toggs suit]( Despite that, I made fairly good time. Once I was good and soaked and accepted that it was of limited duration I eased into it and enjoyed it a bit, sort of like a kid splashing puddles. The GS had fresh Tourances with deep sipes and handled the water well. It was moderately warm and the winds were not too bad. It was unpleasant and my back, shoulders and arms are sore but all in all it I have ridden in worse conditions.



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