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House inspection okay

2006-05-29 , ,

The house inspection went okay- not perfect but nothing major found- and now it’s a matter of working out a closing date.


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2006-06-03 10:04 , StillHeidi

Can\'t wait to come visit. Do you have any pictures?

2006-11-25 19:57 , steve

Hi Ross... re your post back in May this year (regarding the fact that the house inspection went \"ok\" but wasn\'t perfect), don\'t feel too badly -- I\'ve inspected more than 9,000 homes down here in Auckland, New Zealand since 1985, and NOT ONCE have I ever come across a \"PERFECT 10!!!\"

Steve Salter

2006-11-26 21:17 , steve

Ross, as a matter of interest -- seing as I\'m in the home inspection business down in Auckland, New zealand -- what were you charged for your home inspection when you had it done back in June of this year? I\'m simply interested in what my peers are charging in other parts of the world, but if you\'d rather keep that to yourself then no problem, ok:)

Steve Salter

2006-11-26 21:24 , steve

Hmmm... 5 months ago, StillHeidi asked if you had any pictures? Is this a sort of \"nope, we don\'t have any pictures as such\" type answer...or?

Steve S

2006-11-29 18:01 , Ross

The gallery is a bit broken and I haven\'t had time to revamp it, so no
new pictures until I get a few uninterrupted hours with a network
connection (so not going to happen soon). The house has, knock wood,
not turned up anything that wasn\'t on the inspection report. As
planned, we replaced the old, unmaintained boiler for the hot water heat
and separate water heater with a new larger, more efficient one and
an indirect fired water heater.

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