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Yak hair?

2006-04-16 , ,

I was looking through an Orvis catalog and noticed this description for a pair of pants:

> … Yak hair is shorn from the fine guard hairs
> beneath the yak’s chin. The long, harsh winters
> of the yak’s Tibetan and Himalayan range
> contribute to the hairs being as soft as cashmere…

If you’re Tibetan, sure, use yak hair. If you’re a suburban catalog shopper, maybe not.

I also wonder about collecting the yak hair. Taken from the yak’s chin, they wrote. Is “yak shaver” really a profession in some mountainous region? Are there clean-shaven yaks wandering around? What other hair on a yak is soft? I guess the yak is more docile when approached from the front so we’ll never know.



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