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More eats for baby

2006-03-19 , ,

For those keeping track, I mentioned Nathan [starting solid food]( back in October. Now eight months old he eats several ounces of (semi-)solid food roughly three times per day in addition to his bottles of formula.

He’s not constrained by only having two teeth thanks to us using a food mill. We try him on nearly everything we eat. Here’s the latest list of choice eats for baby:

  • yogurt.
  • cottage cheese.
  • apple sauce.
  • dill pickles (really!).
  • plain bagels.
  • slices of orange, tangerine, kiwi fruit and apple.
  • baked ziti.
  • creamed spinach.
  • vegetarian chili.
  • homemade chicken soup with rice.
  • curried lentils.
  • mashed potatoes with green beans or peas.
  • bites of an Italian sub (mixed meat with provolone, he even liked the onion and dressing).
  • braised veal shanks Provençal and garlic mashed potatoes.

Things he didn’t like? That’s a much shorter list:

  • scrambled eggs.
  • spinach, prepared several ways (seems to be the stringyness)
  • swiss chard and collards.
  • tofu, any preparation.


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2006-03-22 17:11 , Gershon


2006-03-25 20:57 , Aunt Phyl

Nice to hear how Nathan is progressing. Cute! Aunt Phyl

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