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Glad that's over

2006-01-31 , ,

The baby was sick with a virus. Our doctor couldn’t recall how many kids had been in last week with diarrhea and vomiting. Our kid too. It’s awful not being able to do anything but wait for it to run its course. At least I saw how good his disposition really is- he would play, cramp and groan, cry for a few seconds until it passed and then resume playing like nothing had happened.


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2006-01-31 14:40 , StillHeidi

Poor Nathan...Hope he is feeling better soon. Tell Maria to give me a call if she needs to chat about the amount of yuck that can come out of one little body!.....and how sometimes you just can\'t clean up the yuck anymore and you just start throwing things away like blankets/sheets/clothes.

2006-01-31 19:09 , Paul

You guys don\'t need to call me about yuck. Glad to hear Nathan is back in the pink, though!

2006-01-31 23:56 , Ross

Thanks. He\'s doing fine.

It might not be over though, the little disease vector has passed the bug onto his uncle, aunt and grandmother.

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