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Sylvia Lonstein

2005-12-23 , ,

The family gathered to bury my grandmother today.

Rest in peace, “Heidi”.


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2005-12-24 18:32 , StillHeidi

I\'m so sorry to hear of the passing of your grandmother. I am sure you made her very happy and I can see from the pictures that she was thrilled to meet Nathan!

Heidi Vandiver

2007-09-17 14:36 , twothumbs

Hey Ross, I\'m sorry for your lost for Aunt Sib. I miss her very much. When I lost found out that she passed away it really hurt.
If you don\'t remember me. I\'m Peter and Anna Lonstein daughter. Lets keep in touch

2007-09-17 18:12 , twothumbs

For got to tell you its me Martie.

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