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New regime for baby

2005-11-29 , ,

Nathan is developing fast. He can roll over from both belly and back and sit up if someone seats him. He can inch along by digging in his toes and pushing off in this commando crawl sort of maneuver. He can hold his pacifier and get it into his mouth without help. He will entertain himself for several minutes just by putting a hand down to prop himself up and playing with his toes with the other hand. Babies are amazingly fast learners.

Except he doesn’t show any of that when he’s put down for the night after his bath and feeding. He was sleeping through most of the night but has recently taken to acting like a newborn: repeated waking and snacking, wailing when he can’t find the pacifier and howling as he pretends he can’t roll over. It’s as if he’ll try anything to get someone over to his crib and won’t quiet until he’s picked up. My Mom pointed out that we should break him of this novel new trick of his before it becomes a habit, but asked that we wait until after we get back home from visiting so we don’t keep her up.

So this weekend we warned the neighbors and got out the earplugs. So far, so good on the modified Ferber method. He’s not happy about it but he does get himself back to sleep (or cry himself out) in a few tens of minutes.


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2005-11-30 11:20 , Heidi

I\'ll be sure to ask for a room on the other side of the hotel this weekend! wink wink!

Can\'t wait to see you,

2005-12-06 21:52 , Ross

Did I write tens of minutes? The sprog is crying himself hoarse every night.

I have no idea where he gets this stubborn streak.

2005-12-18 22:33 , Ross

Things are better: He falls asleep right away, but when he wakes up around 1am he voices his resistance to going back to bed for just ten or twenty minutes. This is, I remind myself, an improvement.

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