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VGA Planets and DOSBOX

2005-10-26 , ,

[A while ago I wrote]( that I wanted the occasional play of my favorite strategy game [VGA Planets]( The other night I was clearing out old corners of my home directory and found my registered copy and the remains of my attempts to run it.

I’m not sure why I overlooked it then, but I decided to try the current release of [DOSBox](, an open source 286/386 emulator specializing in compatibility for these old games. Amazingly, it works. The PC-speaker sound works. The odd-ball video mode that [VPA]( uses works. It all works.

I’m happy.


Comments [2]

2006-02-05 05:50 , Joe

When you\'re done setting it up, go out on the web and join a game. :)

2006-02-05 11:27 , Ross

You mean go out and get my butt kicked ;). I haven\'t played since 1994 or 1995 and back then I had a lot more free time. I\'ll give Circus Maximus a look though.

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