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Starting solid food

2005-10-20 , ,

Nathan has been mimicking us, reaching and drooling when we eat. He’s not responding just to the excitement of our huffing meals in split five-minute shifts. I’ve read that it can take a dozen attempts before an infant will accept solid food. It took one try. The score so far:

* Rice cereal for babies. Refused. No, not just refused but furious, howling refused. I tasted it, the flavor is as flat as the box it came out of. Maybe we can use it to thicken soup. * Banana. Mashed over-ripe fruit with a little formula to thin it. Liked this quite a bit. * Pear. Peeled, mashed in its own juice. Really liked this. First prize in the clean plate club. * Ice cream. Vanilla, liked it. * Ice cream. Chocolate, oh, hell yeah!

Tomorrow he gets sweet potato. I’m predicting more gustatorial success.


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2005-11-14 13:23 , Joe User

Ice cream? Didn\'t that freeze his throat and stomach? I guess not. You should try strawberry, that flavor sounds better for him.

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