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No ride, maintenence

2005-09-03 , ,

A previous owner of my motorcycle at some time had the fusebox work
loose and touch the exhaust pipe behind the muffler. They concealed
the mess of hardened plastic slag by wrapping the whole in electric
tape and zip tying it in place. I found this when I popped a fuse
while replacing the rear tail light with an LED unit. Not
good. Fortunately, BMW keeps an amazing parts inventory and [Max’s
BMW]( was able to get me the parts in
a week.

Nathan slept, Maria read and I wrenched for an hour. Almost as good as
new. I had to reuse the damaged rubber weather boot- the part number
had melted away and I couldn’t find it in the parts fiche- but I
wrapped the burned spot in good electrical tape. Not the greatest
solution but at least the fusebox itself is sealed and mounted instead
of rattling around in pieces.



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