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Intercepted message from Nathan...

2005-08-14 , ,

Day 37: Still imprisoned. The giants feed me nothing but liquids- drugged, I think. I sleep but I can’t tell day from night. I can barely hold up my head. No insignias are displayed and I can’t understand their language. They ignore my entreaties. Yesterday they strapped me down in a hooded seat and drove me to an interrogation center where two older giants inspected me and asked my captors questions while a shaggy beast kept guard. If only I could control my hands.


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2005-08-16 14:23 , gary lonstein

This is fantastic! - Good grief - you should be writing short stories - what a twisted story this could be!!!! Keep it up - Love - Us

2005-09-27 14:58 , Martin Sarna

That put a smile on my face. I love your empathic p.o.v.

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