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Six Days

2005-07-13 , ,

It’s been a long six days. Probably harder on our son than on me and Maria but seeing how he can’t even hold his head up unassisted, let alone write, I get to have the last word. I have:

  • learned to five or six ways to hold a squirming infant.
  • learned to swaddle a baby.
  • learned to change a diaper.
  • learned to bottle feed an infant.
  • sang more, and worse, than I have in twenty-five years.
  • stared at a face more than I have since first meeting Maria.
  • realized that there are three distinct cries- irritation, upset and an eardrum searing howl punctuated with sobs and a quivering trill of the lower lip.
  • read [What to Expect in the First Year](
  • been vomited on, baptized with piss and smeared with shit.
  • read [The Happiest Baby on the Block](
  • wondered how the heck I’m going to get by without six hours of sleep.



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