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Mounting Fastway Pegs

2005-06-26 , ,

This morning I mounted a set of Fastway Performance footpegs on my BMW R100GSPD. There was really nothing to it and the whole job took about thirty minutes. I picked them up from [Adventurer’s Workshop]( You can [see the gallery here]( The only hitch was that the pegs were intended for the R1100 and later models and Fastway supplies half a dozen .20mm washers to set depth of the camber adjustment bolt but this is too little to level the pegs on the R100. I used two zinc-coated steel lock washers from Lowe’s along with one .20mm washer to shim each peg.

I’ll have to see if I like them in the “standard” position. They have a “low-boy” position- achieved by driving out a collar, flipping it and moving the peg to the other side- that locates them down and back about an inch. That position might be more comfortable.

I’ll also have to see if I like the cleat arrangement. The F3 model pegs have removable Allen-head cleats. I opted to fill the first two rows with the shorter 8mm cleats and the rear row with the longer 10mm ones. I may end up removing the first row of cleats to let my boot hang a little at the edge of the peg.



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