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Got in one more ride

2005-06-19 , ,

Got in one more ride in before our baby arrives. Maria gave me a day
pass and I joined the [SBONYC]( riders for
Father’s Day on Route 301 near Carmel, NY. It’s a nice curving road
and we made laps between the Firehouse and the bank parking lot. Later
that morning, Mike led a fifty-mile loop with some moderately
technical turns but I peeled off when we intersected the Taconic.

I had fitted the stubby sport shield in place of the Parabellum
touring shield and wanted to try different conditions, at least that
was my excuse. Hopping I84 and Route 17, I rode into Ulster county to
visit my parents then blasted up 44-55 and 299 into New Paltz, down
the Thruway to I84, exited at Fishkill and took a meandering ride on
9D to 202 into Peekskill before catching 9/9A to the Sawmill and back
to the city.

It was a 350 plus mile day, ten hours of riding and another two stopped according to the GPS. A couple of the guys had pointed out that my GPS model has very limited capacity for track points. I hadn’t noticed until reviewing it tonight but the StreetPilot III drops track points when the log fills. That would explain why some of my earlier logs were incomplete. Very irritating as I’ll have manually set mark points while riding to ensure I get at least a rough idea of the locations.



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