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STMC Mother's Day Trailie

2005-05-15 , ,

Had a great day out on the (post) Mother’s Day ride with the [Sport Touring Motorcycle Club]( Walter laid out a ‘trailie’ alternative to the planned course- some nice twisty back roads, some rough roads that the dualsports eat up and some hard pan that I can’t believe was public road.

Walter has a well-deserved reputation for riding fast and knowing every back road in New Jersey. Barry brought out his KTM520 but peeled off just before the good stuff. Chris rides his KTM950 like a mother, he’s faster on dirt than I pretty much ever go on pavement and Kamil kept up with them on his F650GS (and nearly did a personal environmental impact study). I brought up the rear- I’m slow but happy.

I succeeded in screwing up my GPS track so I only have part of the route ([map here]( ) but it was great fun.


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2005-05-20 09:23 , Ross

Calculated my mileage last night, slightly over 36mpg. Not bad given how hard I was riding and my having spent thirty or forty minutes in traffic. That works out to 324 miles per tank. Not too shabby.

2005-05-30 15:47 , Ross

Had some time today to upload photos. See STMC Mother\'s Day Ride.

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