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2005-05-04 , ,

self introduction
to Scheme
went reasonably well so I thought I’d explore Lisp.

I’m working my way through Paul Graham’s
On Lisp, the content
on CLiki, the Common Lisp Wiki and
muddling with Slime and
CMUCL. Seriously good stuff.

I ordered Practical Common
but it’s somewhere between here and the USPS distribution center
in New Jersey. Also wandering out of the swamps of Jersey, is my copy
of Mark Jason Dominus’s long-awaited Perl book,
Higher-order Perl and- having
nothing to do with programming- a copy of Jane and Michael Stern’s revised
edition of Roadfood.


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2005-05-05 18:45 , Ross

The books arrived! I\'ve got my reading cut out for myself.

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