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Great service

2005-04-17 , ,

To my frustration I have neither the time (the usual reasons) nor the place (no electricity or space in my landlord’s garage) to do a full annual service on my motorcycle myself this year so I took the advice of a couple of folks I know only through email lists and had my R100GSPD serviced at [AMOL Motorcycles]( in Dumont, New Jersey.
Great service, they did a top notch job. They even did little things not on the list like tighten the loose nut holding the right-hand mirror stem. It annoys the hell out of me when I can’t get that to stay and I left it just to see if they would do it but they took care of that detail too. Nice.

While I was at their shop, I ran into a fellow (Hi Johnny!) I met through [SBONYC]( He confirmed their reputation and said he has his work done there.

Since I had the bike and it was a perfect day and I needed to scrub in the new rear tire, I went for a short ride- a bit over a hundred miles- through Northern Jersey and Southern New York before coming home. Need to be a little cautious for the next hundred or two miles just in case the mould release compound is still slick. With a bit of luck, I’ll get out again this afternoon.


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2005-04-17 15:04 , Gershon

If it is as nice up there as it is down here - you had a great ride. I only wish I could still ride - I miss it so much - but - I guess it was not meant to be. Read Motorcylce Cons. News and ride carefully. Love - Dad

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