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SunSolve access changing for the worse

2005-03-25 , ,

Sun in the past has given access to their documentation but starting April 5th only contract customers will have access to the full site. Sadly, this includes the useful portions of the KnowledgeBase and the component lists. Read the [annoucement here](

I don’t understand how limiting access improves things for Sun or its customers. It harms us hobbyists but then we don’t make them money in any direct measurable way. I would be surprised if simply cutting down on bandwidth usage and hardware was the motivation. Putting on my bean counter’s hat, I can conceive of the discussion going along these lines:
> Bean counter #1: “Hmmm. Our support contracts are declining. How can we make more people sign up for these?”

> Bean counter #2: “The value proposition of the contract alone just isn’t so good. Can we give extra support?”

> Bean counter #1: “No, better support costs money and the hardware support is pretty good already. Anything we can throw in to make it look like we’re adding value?”

> Bean counter #2: “Well, we have all our hardware documentation online and the KnowledgeBase. But it’s open to anyone.”

> Bean counter #1: “That’s good! It won’t cost us anything and we can set up two tiers. Only the current contract holders can get the full monty. Nortel got away with it and we can too.”

Which would not be a bad idea five or ten years ago when Sun was ascendant. Now, it’s too late.



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