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Going happily in the handbasket

2005-03-23 , ,

We decided to buy the Honda Pilot. Picked it up from [Bay Ridge Honda]( tonight after work. Nice vehicle and the dealer made the whole car buying experience a very good one. When you are ready to part with your money
you want attention and you want a fair deal and we got both from them.

I do feel guilty about buying an SUV-ish thing that gets 22 mpg but our [Labor Day smack up with the Volkswagen]( demonstrated that mass matters in a crash and the smaller vehicle loses. The Pilot is classified as a wagon
but I parallel parked it tonight and it is definitely sized like a truck. This will take some getting used to and so will pumping gas into it.


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2005-03-24 14:39 , Paul and Tomoe

Will you take us for a ride? We like that new car smell!

2005-03-24 15:35 , Ross

Of course. We need to put a few hundred miles on it to break it in.

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