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A little useful elisp

2005-03-05 , ,

I get a lot of email at work and at home and I’m always deleting sections and
inlining responses so I decided that I needed a key binding in XEmacs to do
that work for me. Thanks to my growing familiarity with Scheme, writing elisp doesn’t seem so bad (well, as long as I have the [XEmacs Lisp Reference Manual]( handy).

It’s ugly but it works and it’s my first useful creation in Lisp/Scheme:

   (defun region-is-active ()           ;; stolen from eparker's dot file
      (if (string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version)
          (region-exists-p)  mark-active) ) 
   (defun whack () "text killer, region, to sig, or next paragraph"
           (let ((start (point)))
              ((region-is-active) (delete-region (point) (mark)))
              ((re-search-forward "^--" nil t) 
                (forward-line -1) (delete-region start (point)))
              (t (forward-paragraph) (delete-region start (point)))))
           (insert "    [snip]\n\n\n")
           (forward-line -1))
   (global-set-key (kbd "C-x !") 'whack)


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