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parody idea

2005-02-23 , ,

This morning at work there were two people walking toward the elevators, heads down, hands cupped a foot front of their noses, their attention completely absorbed with their handheld music players. It struck me that a crowd of these guys- it’s always guys- shuffling along like the undead in a bad horror movie remake would be funny. I can picture it- a few start out, emerge onto the sidewalk and stagger silently down the street where they’re joined by more gadget zombies until there is a mob stumbling by a wall plastered with those bold, colorful Apple ipod ads but all the figures in the ads are bent forward and shuffling too. Maybe get the Cingular logo in there, too, since the SMS thumbers are just as bad.


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2005-02-24 11:26 , jesus_

Better start writing!

It\'d make a great story :) (you might want to use a lot of explosions and nude too, just to widen you public :p)

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