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Catching up after vacation

2005-01-30 , ,

We’re back after a vacation in Italy and we began catching
up today. All very mundane: laundry, food shopping,
digging the car out of the snow, snail mail, bills, over a dozen phone calls to return.

Sorted through the pictures from the trip and chose some for printing. I have a number of photos to upload and found dozens from earlier in the year that I never did anything with. Expect them to show up over the course of a few weeks. I wrote notes while on the trip and they’ll (probably) show up as back-dated blog entries over
the next several days.

Two weeks away reveals something about my reading habits. I have waiting for me:

  • 2 books. 3 if you count a Haynes service and repair manual.
  • 14 periodicals. Makes me glad we stopped the newspaper delivery.
  • 2778 personal email messages. That includes my list subscriptions after spam filtering and reading some the other evening.
  • 6153 (and growing) messages at work. That should be all kinds of fun since I’m also on call next week.



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