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Apple stuff

2005-01-13 , ,

If you own an Apple product and buy into the whole
gadget as lifestyle then [iProduct]( is for you.

More seriously, that [MacMini](
is really interesting. At 6.5“x6.5“x2” and three pounds it might
fit in the dash or trunk of a car in place of a CD jukebox. Rig up
a touch screen vga panel as an interface. Judging from
the picture of the connectors on the back it has a power brick inverter that they don’t show so you could probably hack it to run
right off the car’s DC.

Another idea, four of them would fit in less than the rackspace taken
up by my old Sun Ultra-1E. Just one would likely kick the tar
out of the U1E as a webserver. For a little over $2000 you could
have a small cluster of little webservers that run a decent Unix
and they’re cheap enough to be almost disposable. Interesting.



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