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Happy New Year

2005-01-01 , ,

A happy and healthy New Year to everyone.

Exciting folk that we are, we spent New Year’s Eve on the couch
eating snacks and watching movies. We were in bed by 11:00pm
and awake and out of bed by 8am.

It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm New Year’s day so we hopped
in the car and took off for Putnam and southerly parts of Dutchess
county. We drove around exploring back roads and getting the lay of the land. Work will permit me to relocate my desk to the Westchester
office so we’re considering moving again. The idea of getting back
to the Mid-Hudson has been on our minds lately.

Now that everyone in the family knows, I can reveal that this will
be the last New Years Maria and I spend together for a while…
alone that is. We are having a baby! Well, properly, she is- my part
in this was easy so far. I can’t even begin to describe how happy
I am and a little worried.

Life in 2005 is going to be a bit more complicated.



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